Coining A New Phrase...You Heard It Here First

Hi! My name is Sherry (Auxier) Errera. For those who've seen my name on countless e-mails and other indelible marks I've left around this spot lately, I'm outing myself.

Though I've worked at times and provided my support and some might say, loaned my ever-evolving digital talents, to DC Concerts since it was born.  My parents are Carol & Sam Auxier, the founders of the company, who've tirelessly worked more than 3 decades through all the ups and downs. 

Without getting into the weeds about myself, I landed in Pandemic-mania without a lot of time on my hands, while watching my folks wondering what was next as their live productions were at a complete standstill. One day while visiting them, we got to talking....The next thing that happens? I find myself building a new e-commerce, livestreaming and electronic ticketing platform for DC Concerts.  Since then I've done a lot more, including creative development, digital marketing and assisting in the logistic and production of concerts in our new livestream environment.

I think we're all finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel...

Coining the Phrase

So here I am this evening. I'm up, sit here writing a piece for this blog to promote our upcoming Ryan Stevenson Livestream (<-- first use in this post), when the following phrase came out of me like it had been there all along but never yet been uttered until now. That phrase is:


So, there it is. If this becomes a next big thing, then I've got it written and dated  from whence and when it was born, by me, Indelible Sherry Errera.

Now, I am known to be a complete goof ball at times, so it's cringe-worthiness wouldn't surprise me one bit.  But, what do you think? Did I just come up with this seemingly, catchy phrase? Or, has it been used before? Did you cringe when you heard? 

I've never heard anyone use this phrase before, but from hence forth I shall use it in every opportunity I find to do so. 


Until next time,