DC Concert Ministries | About Our Company
When one refers to the American Dream you can step back and take a subjective look into the lives of 31+ year entrepreneurial couples extraordinaires the Auxier’s and find the concept ringing loud and clear in your ears and eyesight alike.

If you take the time you will find a compelling story of an All American Christian couple who always possessed a strong desire to succeed in life through following their God given dreams and plans relentlessly without fail in terms of heart.

DC Concert Ministries and DC Concert Productions Inc. was founded by the intriguing couple in the 90’s and has been going strong as a music industry leader focusing on concert promotions with a drive to treat each and every show like a once in a lifetime, memorable experience for fans, artists and crews alike. This is a unique mix of passion and know-how that makes a cohesive and truly original and unforgettable concert experience for fans and the world at large.

Let’s take a quick minute to see how a dream sparked by love and dedication turned into the extraordinary reality of an industry giant that continues to grow through the natural progression of a God-backed mission...let’s continue the journey together as the music that makes a difference leads the way...